Deplorable Pheoma
You're right
Thu Jan 3, 2019 12:14am

It isn't there choice to not get paid. However it was there choice to work for the gov knowing full well that they would be used as pawns by politicians in order to force the other side to back down. This thing has happened for quite some time now, at least as far back as Clinton's presidency. Only a fool wouldn't know that is a risk of the job. Not a real risk, they eventually get paid. But...the choice is theirs. If they don't want to be subject to paid/unpaid furloughs, they can find work elsewhere.

You misunderstand. Farming and milking cows was not a regrettable choice for me. I can't imagine doing anything else. I was merely stating that I chose to get in an industry where there are good times when one makes money and bad times when one doesn't. And now's not a good time. Got into it with my eyes wide open. Gov employees need to open their eyes as well.

And quite frankly my dear Hemi, I don't give a damn for the sympathy of bitter sore losers.

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