There is no GUARANTEE that they will be paid or WHEN.
Thu Jan 3, 2019 12:20am

I didn't buy into anyone's "lies". I also make sure that I know what I am talking about. In every case, I was careful to emphasize that it is not a GIVEN that anyone furloughed with eventually be paid, because it is NOT a given.

To add insult to injury, tRUMP also issued an executive order freezing the pay of civilian federal workers, essentially to prevent them getting a raise this year.

Besides, do you not know how hard it is for folks to deal with NO PAY for possibly weeks? To be furloughed the week of Christmas to where they are totally uncertain about what they can or will be able to afford ??

Landlords, banks, creditors, etc. don't care if you're furloughed, you still have to pay your bills.

Just because something has happened before, does NOT guarantee that it will happen again, especially in the current administration and congress.

How RUDE of you to suggest that I'm too stupid to google it BEFORE posting about it... Of course I did. I saw nowhere that it is GUARANTEED that furloughed workers will be paid, multiple suggestions that they might be, and several that they might not be. The point being that whether they do or don't get paid retroactively, in the meantime, they have NO MONEY.

  • I see you bought the LIE, hook, line, and sinkerDeplorable Pheoma, Wed Jan 2 11:43pm
    You do know how to google, don't you? The answer is out there is plain sight.... more
    • There is no GUARANTEE that they will be paid or WHEN. — Sia☺giah, Thu Jan 3 12:20am
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