Sort of....
Thu Jan 3, 2019 11:07am

They have not been NOT back paid since the 80's. As far back as the 80's congress has passed back pay every single time.

And there was an article indicating that the legislation to provide back pay is already in the works this time as well...

While it is not an absolute certainty, its pretty close.

I don't see EITHER political party willing to vote "no" on that bill in any significant numbers.

I think some few like a Ron Paul type might make a GESTURE of voting "no" but only if he was fully aware that his negative would not ACTUALLY result in the bill failing.

  • Furloughed employees are NOT guaranteed pay for Sia☺giah, Wed Jan 2 6:36pm
    essentially being laid off. They can sign up for unemployment, but there is NO guarantee that they will be paid a penny for the time they were not working. Only those who are considered "essential",... more
    • Point being that...SES, Thu Jan 3 11:55am
      ...they've had one payday since the shutdown started - December 28th. But that was for the pay period prior to the shutdown. So they should have received their pay on the 28th. Their next payday... more
      • 'So technically as of today'...HeavyHemi, Thu Jan 3 1:16pm
        Technical Trump Troopers, that's a new one, who knew any of you...wait, you copied that from somewhere.
    • Sort of.... — Sprout, Thu Jan 3 11:07am
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