Thu Jan 3, 2019 1:19pm

are not a leader and it is why you struggle to define it. We know this based on your long history of saying and doing things that are antithetical to leadership. Integrity, being the main one. You have none.

  • are in leadership positions who lack those skills necessary to be good at it. I think all of us have had a lousy boss at least once in our careers. I was addressing a "leader" based on personal... more
    • You are describing a BOSS. I described a LEADER.Sia☺giah, Thu Jan 3 6:56pm
      A leader who is also a boss requires extra traits, more than someone who is simply a leader.
      • You're losing me a bit here...Sprout, Fri Jan 4 9:35am
        To me, a key element of being a leader is the will and ability to sometimes make the hard decisions and be responsible for subordinates, potentially even if the subordinates don't necessarily agree... more
        • A successful BOSS must also be a competent leader and also occasionally has to force subordinates to fall in line behind an unpopular decision by using their AUTHORITY as the boss to get cooperation... more
          • I agree that they can be used differently...Sprout, Fri Jan 4 12:38pm
            I don't limit the concept of "leader" to ONLY those with no actual authority. Though I consider a person who actually LEADS to have to be prepared at least to use VARYING tools including those you... more
            • It's a GIVEN that they "can be used differently" --- because they are NOT synonyms. They are merely words with some overlapping in their meaning. Each one carries with it specific parts that aren't... more
              • not be the only acceptable one? Here is the DICTIONARY definition: the person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country. Funny how COMMAND is a part of it. Not JUST the inspirational... more
            • And continues with you trying to argue that same wrong assertion days later with another version of the same empty rhetoric you use every day. We keep pointing this flaw out to you, oh well.
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