Krugman is a Liberal hack. The fact that he claimed that...
Fri Jan 4, 2019 9:26am

...the Markets would tank and "never recover" if Trump was elected President was a HUGELY ignorant prediction, based on
NOTHING but his anti-Trump Liberal bias.

That bias makes ANYTHING that he claims totally suspect.

Did you even READ the article that you copied-and-pasted?

At the very end, he claims that the Trump Tax Cuts "certainly made most Americans poorer."

Did you get that? Most Americans are now POORER after the Trump Tax Cuts.

And his evidence for that?

"While 2/3 of the corporate tax cut may have gone to U.S. residents, 84 percent of stocks are held by the wealthiest 10 percent
of the population. Everyone else will see hardly any benefit."

How does that make "most Americans poorer"? It doesn't. In fact, he admits that everyone else WILL see a benefit, although he
calls it "hardly" any benefit. And that's a FUTURE prediction. Not a statement of how the cuts HAVE MADE most Americans poorer.

So that's asinine. He admits that most Americans WILL see a benefit.

Then he pukes up "Meanwhile, since the tax cut isnít paying for itself, it will eventually have to be paid for some other way Ė either
by raising other taxes, or by cutting spending on programs people value."

Really? So I guess he assumes that the Federal government operates under a balanced budget? In which any shortfalls have to be "found"
somewhere else, or made up by increasing taxes? Does he not realize that the Federal government ALWAYS spends money that it doesn't have?
Does he not know what "Deficit Spending" is? How economically ignorant is THAT?

He ONLY makes that asinine ignorant claim out of anti-Trump bias.

More Krugman vomit: "The cost of these hikes or cuts will be much less concentrated on the top 10 percent than the benefit of the original
tax cut. So itís a near-certainty that the vast majority of Americans will be worse off thanks to Trumpís only major legislative success."

So Krugman says that most Americans MIGHT be worse of. Not ARE NOW worse of, not "have been made more poor", but might maybe possibly in the
future be worse off.

So how does that prove that "most Americans HAVE CERTAINLY BEEN MADE POORER" by the tax cuts?

Kugman ends with "As I said, even the mainly negative reporting doesnít convey how bad a deal this whole thing is turning out to be."

NOTHING in his ignorant article claims that things ARE NOW bad. It's all PREDICTIONS of how bad things maybe possibly might in the future be.

And we've seen how pathetically POOR his anti-Trump predictions have been.

"The markets will never recover".

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