The justice department is SUPPOSED to maintain its
Sat Jan 5, 2019 6:08pm

distance from the white house to avoid the issues of the POTUS using them as their own "police force". While they are under the jurisdiction of the White House for appointments and performance, they do NOT report to him on individual investigations, particularly investigations into him. tRUMP is the only POTUS who doesn't seem to understand that. The special counsel is NOT required to report TO the POTUS but to the Attorney General, who is NOT the POTUS's personal lawyer.

So it is HIGHLY plausible that a secret indictment, known only by the grand jury who approved it (and who are sworn to secrecy under threat of legal consequences) and the special counsel & judges involved are the ONLY ones who actually know who the secret indictment is of.

  • But while the PUBLIC doesn't know about it, how many in the justice department do? And NONE of them are supporters of Trump? What's the old saying, a secret shared is a secret no more? I'm not... more
    • You're saying it's implausible based on what?HeavyHemi, Fri Jan 4 6:12pm
      Trump doesn't even know what his own lawyer is doing. I say it is likely would have no idea.
      • to stay a secret. And it isn't all about ONE PERSON. Trump doesn't have to find it out HIMSELF. All it would take is ONE person in the DOJ who DOES know about such an investigation and planned arrest ... more
        • Grand Juries, special investigations, and secret indictments. Someone MIGHT know the information and be a "friend of tRUMP", however, to reveal the information IS A CRIME they can be prosecuted for.... more
        • Yet that USSC case with thousands of reporters...HeavyHemi, Sat Jan 5 12:37pm
          and still, nobody knows. But hey, thanks for yet another example of Spout's massive intellect in telling us "The more people know a secret the less likely it isto stay a secret." Please tell us that... more
          • Again the PUBLIC does not know...Sprout, Sun Jan 6 11:45am
            How absolutely certain are you that nobody in the WHITE HOUSE knows? IMO you are assuming that the ability to deny the PUBLIC knowledge equates to the SAME level of ability to deny knowledge to other ... more
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