Clearly you do not understand the rules surrounding
Sat Jan 5, 2019 6:09pm

Grand Juries, special investigations, and secret indictments. Someone MIGHT know the information and be a "friend of tRUMP", however, to reveal the information IS A CRIME they can be prosecuted for. Such things are not your "usual secrets".

  • to stay a secret. And it isn't all about ONE PERSON. Trump doesn't have to find it out HIMSELF. All it would take is ONE person in the DOJ who DOES know about such an investigation and planned arrest ... more
    • Clearly you do not understand the rules surrounding — Sia☺giah, Sat Jan 5 6:09pm
    • Yet that USSC case with thousands of reporters...HeavyHemi, Sat Jan 5 12:37pm
      and still, nobody knows. But hey, thanks for yet another example of Spout's massive intellect in telling us "The more people know a secret the less likely it isto stay a secret." Please tell us that... more
      • Again the PUBLIC does not know...Sprout, Sun Jan 6 11:45am
        How absolutely certain are you that nobody in the WHITE HOUSE knows? IMO you are assuming that the ability to deny the PUBLIC knowledge equates to the SAME level of ability to deny knowledge to other ... more
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