ROFLMAO. It is YOU who is obligated to provide evidence
Mon Jan 7, 2019 12:32pm

that YOUR CLAIM is true. Not mine. I challenged your claim, now YOU PROVE IT ISN'T JUST SANTOSHI.

Besides, I NEVER saw a single post to that effect from Santoshi and no one has supported your assertion, so it's nothing but hearsay. You need to prove she EVER said such things. You don't get to make an unproven declaration and then sit on your butt demanding that others disprove it. You have NOTHING supporting it in the first place, never mind adding to your unsupported claim and then demanding that others prove you wrong. Get a clue, you made the claim, YOU PROVE IT.

  • It was an example....Sprout, Mon Jan 7 7:18am
    Are you now prepared to claim that Santoshi was the ONLY one and support it with evidence?
    • ROFLMAO. It is YOU who is obligated to provide evidence — Sia☺giah, Mon Jan 7 12:32pm
    • argument. You're the one making factual assertions, troll. Good lord, nearly every post you make is in one manner or another DISHONEST. What is wrong with you that you use dishonestly to troll for... more
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