Polls of ignorant Americans. Awesome.
Wed Jan 9, 2019 11:53am (XFF:

So you're impressed by polls of ignorant Americans? Some of whom think that the President wants a 30 foot high wall along the entire border, from coast to coast?

Or is your only point the fact that you're still SHOCKED that the President exaggerates?

Maybe a better poll would be of those who are trying to do the job of controlling the border. Like, oh, gee, I don't know -- maybe a poll of Border Patrol Agents.

The NBPC’s survey, of more than 600 agents in two of the Border Patrol’s busiest sectors, found just the opposite: A stunning 89 percent of line agents say a “wall system in strategic locations is necessary to securing the border.” Just 7 percent disagreed.

  • And now ANOTHER bald-faced LIESia☺giah, Tue Jan 8 3:32pm Trump Calls Those Who... more
    • Polls of ignorant Americans. Awesome. — SES, Wed Jan 9 11:53am
      • It was a Huffington pollgreenman, Sat Jan 12 7:27pm I doubt that many Trumpers responded, SES. Seriously. What's up? You still creating havoc on this board? lol
        • the results of several polls... Reuters/Ipsos, Quinnipiac, Harvard CAPS/Harris survey, and NPR, PBS News Hour and Marist. Also online polls, which, admittedly, have limited value. "In fact, no poll... more
          • Ah, OKgreenman, Sun Jan 13 2:36pm
            My bad. Multiple polls make SES' claims even more absurd. Clearly he just doesn't want to hear the message here.
            • ...the people who patrol the border and who know what is needed to control the border. "The NBPC’s survey, of more than 600 agents in two of the Border Patrol’s busiest sectors, found just the... more
              • You mean there are 11% who should be fired?HeavyHemi, Mon Jan 14 3:00pm
                Thanks for pointing that out.
                • He's comicalgreenman, Mon Jan 14 4:59pm
                  The notion that border agents, whose livelihoods depend on MORE rather than less border security, would or COULD be 'objective' on the question of whether to build more wall is absurd.
              • In fact, SES...greenman, Mon Jan 14 12:05pm
      's clear you'll only listen to messages which agree with your ideology. I support border security and so does the Dem Party; we just won't tolerate the vast expenditure on a border wall because... more
              • wall WON'T do the job. The polls referenced were about who DOESN'T SUPPORT the wall. tRUMP insists that a majority of Americans support his stupid wall... NO THEY DON'T. That is what this thread is... more
              • where those "walls" are needed. And he should tell the American people that he is not talking about a massive "wall" that is needed across the whole southern border. I have never heard him talk about ... more
                • Maybe President Trump shouldSIR, Mon Jan 14 12:29pm
                  call it a "barrier" right! ""I voted numerous times… to spend money to build a barrier to try to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in. And I do think you have to control your borders." -Hillary... more
                • ...wants a wall across the entire 1,900 mile border is a PERFECT example of why polls of "average Americans" on this issue are utterly worthless.
                  • What do you think he wants?wondering, Mon Jan 14 12:19pm
                    All that we have to go on is his own rhetoric as to what he wants. And since he lies a lot, we can't even believe what he says he wants, but so far all he has said is that he wants "a wall" or "the... more
                  • Where has he said otherwise?greenman, Mon Jan 14 12:07pm
                    He's never said anything but 'build the wall.' And his xenophobic, racist, idiot followers jump up and down and cheer for it. You prove to me he doesn't want a wall along the entire border, SES.... more
                    • ...Americans" and their utter ignorance. greenman: "Where has he said otherwise? He's never said anything but 'build the wall.'" President Trump, two weeks ago: "And it’s going to be built, hopefully ... more
                      • Baloneygreenman, Mon Jan 14 12:51pm
                        Trump keeps saying all sorts of different things about his 'wall,' this is the first time I've EVER heard him claim there was some sort of shorter wall. He's said concrete wall, then mental slats... more
                        • I love that. B-e-a-you-tiful.SES, Mon Jan 14 2:08pm
                          Ignorant Average American: "TRUMP NEVER SAID HE WANTS ANYTHING OTHER THAN A 1,900 MILE LONG WALL ON THE ENTIRE MEXICAN BORDER AAAHHH!!!" Ignorant Average American is shown where Trump said that.... more
                          • Except that's NOT what just happened, in real life.Sia☺giah, Mon Jan 14 5:26pm
                            RIF... and dishonest misrepresentations of what has transpired appears to be what so many tRUMPies have in common with him.
                          • Way to answer my points, SESgreenman, Mon Jan 14 2:19pm
                            Own the libs, pal, in your own mind at Trump is a liar. And you're his pawn. Those facts, at least, are well-established.
            • Pretty much, yeah. That's how it usually goes. (nm)Sia☺giah, Sun Jan 13 4:55pm
      • "in strategic places" is the KEY here. Sia☺giah, Wed Jan 9 2:30pm
        NO ONE disputes the need for physical barriers in SOME locations. They already exist in those places. Funny thing though, they DON'T stop everyone. More than 4,000 got through them. So, a big, fat,... more
        • places. And no one is CLAIMING that the wall will stop every single person to get across the border. Are only PERFECT solutions acceptable to you?
          • No one other than Trump?greenman, Mon Jan 14 12:10pm
            He's never suggested anything but a wall that blocks the ENTIRE border. As I've already challenged SES, prove me wrong. Trump has certainly implied that the wall will solve our illegal immigration... more
            • The length of the wall has changed a LOT over timeSia☺giah, Mon Jan 14 8:31pm
              In fact, at one time, early on in tRUMP's administration, they were talking about one 1,827 miles long.... more
            • he wants a wall over every single foot of the border. You are the one making the claim about what he has said. Back it up. In fact MOST Dems, including President Obama and Chuck Schumer have LONG... more
              • Technically correctgreenman, Mon Jan 14 4:26pm
                ...and I was in error in saying that he'd demanded a 2000-mile wall, as I've noted to SES. He wants to fill in areas not already 'protected' with a wall, a much shorter length. However, the final... more
                • Again, please offer us a quote whereSprout, Mon Jan 14 4:46pm
                  he actually STATES that the end state is to be a wall the full length of the border. No one is suggesting that physical barriers be the ONLY method. Everyone understands that the wall ALONE will not... more
                  • Nogreenman, Mon Jan 14 4:52pm
                    I never said that he literally said that, so how could I "provide a quote?" The end result of filling in the non-fenced/walled spaces would be a wall along the length of the border. Do you deny that? ... more
                    • would be a wall from coast to coast. No one denies that fact. Yet the fact that a wall from coast to coast is a wall from coast to coast has no bearing on the CLAIM that is the INTENT.
                      • lol....good ol' Sproutgreenman, Tue Jan 15 11:41am
                        Still quibbling over trivia like an ol' dog chewing that bone. Your post is nonsense. Dismissed.
                      • This crisis is entirely invented by Trump. It is a lie. By supporting it, you are supporting the lie. These are facts Spout. Now tell us why you support the lie. Tic toc.
                  • He now admits Trump's security crisis on the boarder is invented. I use this as my evidence "4. And of course, just because the numbers of people TRYING to get across is down, that doesn't mean that... more
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