The question is, why hasn't Trump? If he had...
Fri Jan 11, 2019 2:22pm

he would not be calling his phony emergency you're defending. When are you leaving to go build HIS wall?

    • What strategic locations?wondering, Fri Jan 11 3:56pm
      They've been putting barriers or walls in strategic locations for quite some time. Trump hasn't said that he wants walls or barriers in strategic locations. He has said he wants "a wall"... that... more
      • ...20 foot high wall? Really? The friggin' Border Control Agents -- you know, the people who actually know what's going on at the border? -- want a new barrier at strategic locations along the... more
        • He wants a wall along the bordergreenman, Mon Jan 14 12:20pm
          ...and has ranted accordingly to his followers many, many times. Not once that I know of has he ever said 'SOME of the border.' PS - Dems support border security and have authorized money for fencing ... more
        • No, I don't.wondering, Fri Jan 11 5:07pm
          I doubt he ever even wanted a wall, except to pander to his base. If he really wanted a wall, or walls... that the border agents say they need... he could have gotten the Republicans to pass the... more
          • Again, slowly, so you can comprehend...SES, Fri Jan 11 5:14pm
            The... Border... Control... Agents... whose job it is... to defend the border... say that... A WALL IS NEEDED AT STRATEGIC LOCATIONS!!! jesus h f@ckin' crist it's like a brick wall pun intended. I... more
            • Trump doesn't care about border control agents...wondering, Fri Jan 11 6:15pm
              or what they say they need. He doesn't even care about a wall, much less at strategic locations, which he has never talked about. What he cares about is spreading lies, hate and dividing the country, ... more
              • ..."agents". He understands what they deal with on a daily basis. He knows what they say they need in order to do their jobs. He listens to them, he hears them, and he tries to do what he can to... more
                • Haw haw haw! What a
                • How would you know what he cares about?wondering, Mon Jan 14 4:14pm
                  Remember, he lies. A LOT. Do you think Trump supporters are "average Americans"?
                • Laughablegreenman, Mon Jan 14 2:21pm
                  He doesn't care about cops, agents, the military, or literally ANYONE except for his fat, orange self. If you weren't blinded by your absolute adoration of the (so-called) man, you'd know that. He's... more
                  • June 25, 2015 “You don’t need a wall for the entire piece because we have wonderful people, Border Patrol people, that can do the job. But you do need walls in certain sections, without question.” —... more
                    • It has changed repeatedly...Sia☺giah, Mon Jan 14 8:57pm
                      In FACT, in March of 2017, the tRUMP admin was talking about a wall ALMOST the entire 2,000 miles. "The length of the wall itself has been the subject of mixed messages from the Trump administration. ... more
                    • You'd like that, wouldn't you?greenman, Mon Jan 14 4:03pm
                      Not gonna happen, SES. I'm calling you on every single post you make supporting Trump. Being technically correct about one aspect of his wall obsession doesn't mean a thing. Except of course for the... more
                    • With numerous quotes you have proved Trump want a physical wall on every mile that does not have a natural barrier. Why are you telling us what we already know?
            • want ADDITIONAL funding for HIS specific wall. I know you're intentionally lying and so do you. What do you think about that?
        • No...HeavyHemi, Fri Jan 11 4:58pm
          30 feet.
    • The question is, why hasn't Trump? If he had... — HeavyHemi, Fri Jan 11 2:22pm
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