I love how you keep proving my point about "Average...
Mon Jan 14, 2019 12:40pm (XFF:

...Americans" and their utter ignorance.

greenman: "Where has he said otherwise? He's never said anything but 'build the wall.'"

President Trump, two weeks ago:

"And itís going to be built, hopefully rapidly. Iím going there at the end of January for the start of construction.
Thatís a big stretch. Weíre talking about 500 to 550 miles total. Itís a 2,000-mile border, but much of it has
mountains and region where you canít get across. So weíre looking at between 500 and 550. So we gave out 115 yesterday,
and we gave it out at a great price. So weíre going to have great wall there, and we have other sections to give out."

So yeah...let's pay attention to polls of ignrant average Americans, who think Trump wants a 2,000 mile wall.

jesus h crist

  • Where has he said otherwise?greenman, Mon Jan 14 12:07pm
    He's never said anything but 'build the wall.' And his xenophobic, racist, idiot followers jump up and down and cheer for it. You prove to me he doesn't want a wall along the entire border, SES.... more
    • I love how you keep proving my point about "Average... — SES, Mon Jan 14 12:40pm
      • Baloneygreenman, Mon Jan 14 12:51pm
        Trump keeps saying all sorts of different things about his 'wall,' this is the first time I've EVER heard him claim there was some sort of shorter wall. He's said concrete wall, then mental slats... more
        • I love that. B-e-a-you-tiful.SES, Mon Jan 14 2:08pm
          Ignorant Average American: "TRUMP NEVER SAID HE WANTS ANYTHING OTHER THAN A 1,900 MILE LONG WALL ON THE ENTIRE MEXICAN BORDER AAAHHH!!!" Ignorant Average American is shown where Trump said that.... more
          • Except that's NOT what just happened, in real life.Sia☺giah, Mon Jan 14 5:26pm
            RIF... and dishonest misrepresentations of what has transpired appears to be what so many tRUMPies have in common with him.
          • Way to answer my points, SESgreenman, Mon Jan 14 2:19pm
            Own the libs, pal, in your own mind at Trump is a liar. And you're his pawn. Those facts, at least, are well-established.
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