"How The Place Works"
Mon Jan 14, 2019 2:06pm (XFF:

You don't have to even be a conspiracy nut to cringe when you hear those words. You sense the coded speech.

You know instinctively that whatever it is we want, it isn't for the place to continue on "how it works". Because it hasn't worked in quite a while.

Democrats screwed it up last time they were put in place to fix things. They were conciliatory, tried to work with a party that made it their number one goal to become the "Party of NO."


  • Fellow Dems Chastise Ocasio-Cortez: ‘She Doesn’t Understand How the Place Works’ - Merlin, Sat Jan 12 3:34pm
    Veterans of the Democratic establishment, unsettled by Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s lack of deference to seniority and party unity, have cautioned the freshman lawmaker to direct her... more
    • "How The Place Works" — Amadeus, Mon Jan 14 2:06pm
    • She will certainly make her mark in Congress. Sia☺giah, Sun Jan 13 12:02am
      Hopefully, she'll make an effort to at least learn the ins and outs before setting fire to potential allies who will quickly turn on her before she can get anything done. It's a sad reality (and... more
    • A legit breath of fresh air...Poppet, Sat Jan 12 8:38pm
      ...if I may use an utterly obvious cliche'. And of course the DNC old guard is horrified: her talk about being there to work for the people is actually real. She makes those old corporatist tools... more
    • Excellent commentgreenman, Sat Jan 12 7:26pm
      She's a bright young talent and I hope won't be corrupted by the Swamp. 'How the place works' has indeed been a scandal.
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