Again, please offer us a quote where
Mon Jan 14, 2019 4:46pm

he actually STATES that the end state is to be a wall the full length of the border.

No one is suggesting that physical barriers be the ONLY method. Everyone understands that the wall ALONE will not secure the border. But neither will those other methods ABSENT physical barriers.

  • Technically correctgreenman, Mon Jan 14 4:26pm
    ...and I was in error in saying that he'd demanded a 2000-mile wall, as I've noted to SES. He wants to fill in areas not already 'protected' with a wall, a much shorter length. However, the final... more
    • Again, please offer us a quote where — Sprout, Mon Jan 14 4:46pm
      • Nogreenman, Mon Jan 14 4:52pm
        I never said that he literally said that, so how could I "provide a quote?" The end result of filling in the non-fenced/walled spaces would be a wall along the length of the border. Do you deny that? ... more
        • would be a wall from coast to coast. No one denies that fact. Yet the fact that a wall from coast to coast is a wall from coast to coast has no bearing on the CLAIM that is the INTENT.
          • lol....good ol' Sproutgreenman, Tue Jan 15 11:41am
            Still quibbling over trivia like an ol' dog chewing that bone. Your post is nonsense. Dismissed.
          • This crisis is entirely invented by Trump. It is a lie. By supporting it, you are supporting the lie. These are facts Spout. Now tell us why you support the lie. Tic toc.
      • He now admits Trump's security crisis on the boarder is invented. I use this as my evidence "4. And of course, just because the numbers of people TRYING to get across is down, that doesn't mean that... more
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