Republican Politicians...
Tue Jan 15, 2019 12:58am the national level are not the Republican citizens that live next door.

They are a conflicted bunch. I am watching some shows I DVRed from election season, and so, I get to enjoy all the election ads when I forget to fast forward. One that strikes me is an ad for a Democrat running in a reliably Republican district. All the people in the ad are registered Republicans who are voting for the Democrat because of what the Republican politicians (especially that particular one) had become.

I agree. Many in the House and Senate, many who are closest to the levers of power have sold their souls.

I heard some interesting conjecture. The RNC was supposedly hacked, and then the emails never surfaced. A theory has been floated that there could be some high pressure blackmail going on that is helping to drive the mind boggling adherence to Trump by the Republican Party power structure. It would also explain that wave of departures as some politicians decided to remove themselves from a position where they could be pressured. It is unsupported speculation, but given the bizarre nature of some of the policies that have come out of the White House, and the way the Republicans have continued to try to shield Trump even as more and more damning information is revealed in the various investigations... I can't dismiss the idea.


  • I am glad that they finally did the right thing, but I'm absolutely certain that it was for political expediency and not for moral or ethical reasons.
    • Republican Politicians... — Amadeus, Tue Jan 15 12:58am
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