Proof Hillary Called For A Wall With Mexico First
Tue Jan 15, 2019 10:21am

  • The Wall...wondering, Tue Jan 15 9:56am
    became a symbol for Trump's Presidency. "A hint to why he is so focused on getting this wall came in 2017, when the Washington Post published leaked transcripts from a private phone call between... more
    • my wife's uncle is a recently retired( 4 yrs) immigration official. Started out in the Border Patrol (in McAllen Area) in Texas, held various positions over a 35-year period and retired at the... more
      • unless there is significant additional technology that monitors it for tunnels and ladders.
        • I don't think anyone has suggested thatSprout, Wed Jan 16 11:38am
          a physical barrier IN AND OF ITSELF is supposed to be the sole solution. Yes, walls must be monitored and guarded. But monitors and guards are LESS effective when they are trying to cover open... more
        • He went down to the border, supposedly to show how a wall wasn't needed. So he's walking along the wall. And he says something like "I don't see anyone trying to cross the border." Yeah. That's... more
          • ...is like saying that jailers build a wall around their prisoners, and then walk away. Well, no. Duh. They have GUARDS on the walls. What the f*ck do people think Border Control Agents along the... more
            • Wowgreenman, Tue Jan 15 12:09pm
              ...so, one man every, what, twenty yards all along the border, day and night, night-vision scopes, no area of fencing every left unmanned at any time? That's not going to happen. And even you must've ... more
              • ...guard the wall that they say is needed, by a 9 to 1 margin. Ask them how they guard the EXISTING walls. I think they know how to guard a wall better than you or I do. Which is why polling "average ... more
                • Still obsessed with what they say, huh?greenman, Tue Jan 15 1:53pm
                  They're law-enforcement lackeys with a vested interest in more walls and more guards. Screw 'em.
                  • ...of Law Enforcement. Systemic racism in Police Departments. Border Control Agents are just "lackeys". "Screw 'em". Sub sub sub par.
                    • What hypocrisy!greenman, Tue Jan 15 2:53pm
                      You're here "running your suck" about "libturds," and you whine when I say 'screw 'em' to your precious Border Stormtroopers? GFY...
                    • adopt objective Trump lies as gospel. When your Wailing Wall deflection dies out, you will have nowhere left to go and your support of the Russian assset in the White House...whoops.
    • Proof Hillary Called For A Wall With Mexico First — yome, Tue Jan 15 10:21am
      • ...between "physical barrier", "fence", and "wall". That's how they can simultaneously explain away why they oppose the President's "wall", while acknowledging that their leaders have repeatedly... more
        • You realizegreenman, Tue Jan 15 11:50am
          ...that referring to people as "libturds" destroys any credibility your arguments have, and prevents you from changing anyone's minds, right? BTW, deliberately picking out Hispanic immigrants... more
        • because of their bigotry.
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