Blah, blah, blah
Tue Jan 15, 2019 1:56pm

He wants a wall along the entire border. Period.

You may continue debating the technicalities of how long of a wall he wanted, but you can do it without me. You've still never proven he doesn't want a wall along the entire border, BTW.

I await your answers on WHY build a wall, WHY we should spend so much money, WHY Republicans are xenophobes and racists, and WHY you haven't done a damned thing about immigration in the two years you've controlled government.

Get back to me on those, if you can take time away from nattering on about the length of President Tiny Hands' wall.

  • ...does NOT want a wall along the entire border. greenman: "You prove to me he doesn't want a wall along the entire border, SES. C'mon, let's see it." Now, is that or is that not a statement by you... more
    • "strategic locations"?wondering, Tue Jan 15 2:05pm
      "because none is needed along those sections"? How dishonest can you be, SES? Those "strategic locations" where he wants the wall are only "strategic" because those other "sections" are places where... more
      • If you're going to include a mountain range or a river as a "wall", so that you can claim that Trump wants a "wall" from sea to shining sea, then so be it. There are now 600 to 700 miles of... more
    • Blah, blah, blah — greenman, Tue Jan 15 1:56pm
      • I'm truly astonished.SES, Tue Jan 15 2:07pm
        I've provided you with QUOTES from the President, going all the way back to 2015, in which he SPECIFICALLY SAYS that the wall would NOT be "along the entire border". I spoonfed them to you.... more
      • The 'Wailing Wall' is their security blanket. HeavyHemi, Tue Jan 15 2:06pm
        They cannot stray off of that message. Otherwise, we have their choice and who they still defend as a compromised Russian asset in the White House. They are toast and I think they know it.
        • It is that!greenman, Tue Jan 15 2:52pm
          It's Trump's ONE remaining chance to make good on a campaign promise, so he's going to stick to it like glue, no matter how many people he hurts. But then, he only cares about himself, not AMerica.
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