Talking past each other, I guess. Oh well.
Tue Jan 15, 2019 2:17pm (XFF:

If you're going to include a mountain range or a river as a "wall", so that you can claim that Trump wants a "wall"
from sea to shining sea, then so be it.

There are now 600 to 700 miles of wall/barrier.

Trump wants another 500 to 600 miles of wall/barrier. In locations where there is no wall/barrier, and no natural wall/barrier.

For a total of 1,100 to 1,300 miles of wall/barrier, along a 2,000 mile border.

So, another 700 to 900 miles would be unwalled/unbarriered, because a wall/barrier is not needed there, because of natural walls/barriers.

If your Trump Derangement Syndrome requires that you call that a "wall from sea to shining sea", then so be it.

  • "strategic locations"?wondering, Tue Jan 15 2:05pm
    "because none is needed along those sections"? How dishonest can you be, SES? Those "strategic locations" where he wants the wall are only "strategic" because those other "sections" are places where... more
    • Talking past each other, I guess. Oh well. — SES, Tue Jan 15 2:17pm
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