Tue Jan 15, 2019 3:07pm

He USES the military - for photo ops, mostly. As when recently, in Iraq, he lied to them directly, telling them he got them a big pay raise - something patently and clearly FALSE. He also, at that time, posted a picture of Seal Team 5, against military policy.

He attacked the commander of Seal Team 6 as a "Hillary Clinton fan" when that soldier said something he didn't like.

He's cut the budget of Veterans Affairs.

He mocked war hero John McCain, dying of cancer at the time, for being captured and held prisoner for years. "I don't like people who were captured," he bloviated.

In the Midterms, he called for the votes of overseas military to be discarded.

He's compared his sex life to having served as a soldier in Vietnam...a war in which he dodged the draft, not out of moral opposition, but just simple cowardice.

I mean, you could go on and on and you'd be able to, if you f------g Googled something once in awhile. But you don't wanna know, do you?

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