And as to 'Traitor'
Tue Jan 15, 2019 3:08pm

...he's Putin's creature, uses Putin's words, uses Putin's political techniques, supports Putin and does his dirty work for him (see: withdrawal from Syria - 'thanks, Donald!')

But you'lll be able to read Mueller's report pretty soon, it should spell out some more Russian connections for you.

  • In what way is the President a "traitor"? Use your own words. [ this should be good ]
    • And as to 'Traitor' — greenman, Tue Jan 15 3:08pm
    • Seriously?greenman, Tue Jan 15 3:07pm
      He USES the military - for photo ops, mostly. As when recently, in Iraq, he lied to them directly, telling them he got them a big pay raise - something patently and clearly FALSE. He also, at that... more
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