It's just a typical DELETED attitude when it comes to...
Tue Jan 15, 2019 3:33pm

...anything Trump related.

When Trumps attacks a female political opponent, it means that he "hates all women".

When Trump attacks a military veteran political opponent, it means that he "hates the military".

The term "hero" gets thrown around too haphazardly these days.

Audie Murphy was a hero.

Alvin York was a hero.

Someone in the Army who was deployed once to Afghanistan is not a hero. At least not to the same level.

That's all Trump was saying. There are "heroes" who carried five wounded Marines out of an ambush.

There are "heroes" who got shot down, captured, and lived in a prison camp for five years.

During a political campaign, against a military veteran who was called a "hero" because he was shot down
and captured, Trump said he preferred the kind of hero who, for example, carries five wounded Marines out
of an ambush over someone who was shot down and captured.

I understood what he was saying.

You, because of your Trump Derangement Syndrome, think it means that he "hates the military".


  • Wowgreenman, Tue Jan 15 3:21pm
    It SHOWS he hates them, dumbass. Are you literally unable to see that? Apprently you really are Trump's creature. He could, as he suggested, shoot someone in the middle of the street and you'd still... more
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