That's it? Really? This is the Seal Team story?
Tue Jan 15, 2019 4:20pm (XFF:

"Trump Accidentally Exposes the Location, Identities of U.S. Navy Seal Team 5 on Twitter"

This shows that the President hates the military?

jesus h crist

    • Nice 'argument'greenman, Tue Jan 15 5:57pm
      Evidently you're OK with Trump exposing the location and identities of Seal Team 5. Sad that you've decided to betray the military you once served, old man.
    • Draft Dodging Heel Spurs Trump Showed He Hates The MilitaryBy Mocking POWS - Merlin, Tue Jan 15 5:33pm
      That and mocking those who fought the VC by equating that with Trump's fighting VD. As for Seal Team 5 and Trump's thoughtless photo, members of ST5 should have skipped the occasion knowing that... more
    • and attach a message to it as well? Seriously? You believe it was ACCIDENTAL? No, it was IGNORANT and on par with his usual thoughtless, disgraceful, totally ignorant behavior. He simply doesn't care ... more
    • The one you've been avoiding for two weeks?HeavyHemi, Tue Jan 15 4:37pm
      No wonder thus was a nothing story that I wasn't aware of until 20 minutes ago.
      • My instincts were proven correct.SES, Tue Jan 15 4:41pm
        When an ignorant Trump-hater pukes up a turd like "Trump burned Seal Team 5", my instincts told me that there obviously wasn't anything there. Just ignorant stupid exaggeration from someone suffering ... more
        • So Trump exposing the identites of SEAL Team 5...HeavyHemi, Tue Jan 15 6:22pm
          Was 'nothing'. Wow, you've completely shat on your oath.
        • Derision, his only weapongreenman, Tue Jan 15 5:59pm
          ..and given your tendency to lie and support a TRAITOR, while selling out the military you once served, I'd say your "instincts" are pretty damn bad. TRUMP is deranged. Not me, not Democrats, not... more
    • I said that is evidence he is dangerously incompetent and stupid. Your argument, is in fact a lie. You in fact lied to defend Trump making your fellow comrades in arms less safe. You have failed your ... more
      • ...hates the military. He had a photo taken with soldiers while visiting the troops. He posted the photo on Twitter. Without realizing that a photo of a Seal Team shouldn't be posted on Twitter.... more
        • He posted a picture..greenman, Tue Jan 15 6:08pm
          ...which endangered the troops. But that's OK with you, as is violating protocol, because it's der Trumpenfuehrer. Right? So you blame the seal team and his handlers. Why do you excuse the idiotic... more
        • "No wonder thus was a nothing story that I wasn't aware of until 20 minutes ago." I think we should really be allow to post an outright lie and call it as such.
          • or preferably, a mistake. Just don't call anyone names, such as calling them a "liar". We don't want name-calling because it is not civil discussion. However, what is true or false is a factual... more
            • Calling a false statement a "lie" implies that the person making it did so deliberately, in knowledge of the statement's falsity. If they weren't aware of that falsity and believed they were making a ... more
        • No wonder thus was a nothing story that I wasn't aware of until 20 minutes ago. That is clearly a lie for many weeks. We should be able to clearly and concisely call out a lie. You've bailed on your... more
    • Actually it just shows he's dangerously stupid and incompetent and you are vouching for someone who is dangerously stupid and incompetent. What does that make you? You are going to be so entertaining ... more
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