I would PREFER that folks refer to it as a "mistake",
Tue Jan 15, 2019 5:51pm

"wrong", or "false", but, from experience, I already know that they won't because trying to force people to be PC never, ever works aside of creating intense resentment.

No NAMECALLING is a reasonable request of posters. Not allowing people to call a spade a spade is not.

I agree that calling someone a liar is unforgivable whether it is done so directly or indirectly, but there's a LIMIT to how much censorship moderators can reasonably expect or be responsible for.

Please direct all further responses via EMAIL. Thanks.

  • Calling a false statement a "lie" implies that the person making it did so deliberately, in knowledge of the statement's falsity. If they weren't aware of that falsity and believed they were making a ... more
    • I would PREFER that folks refer to it as a "mistake", — Sia☺giah, Tue Jan 15 5:51pm
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