No, probably not the intent of those laws
Tue Jan 15, 2019 6:05pm

...but a compliment to the position the U.S. still occupies in the world, that people would come here to enable their children to have U.S. citizenship. The term "anchor baby" is sad, derisive, and hateful, though. No idea why you'd use it.

I honestly have no idea whether overstaying visas encourages others to do so. Do you have data on that?

  • I would say that there is ample evidence thatSprout, Tue Jan 15 3:43pm
    if you don't penalize a behavior, and in fact allow that behavior to accrue benefits, it encourages repetition of that behavior. The same applies to the 'anchor baby' model where thousands of middle... more
    • No, probably not the intent of those laws — greenman, Tue Jan 15 6:05pm
      • It's the lingo that ilk is comfortable with.HeavyHemi, Wed Jan 16 3:29pm
        The same ilk that demands walls for protection against 'others', believes any form of affirmative action is racist.
      • I certainly agree that the choice to allowSprout, Wed Jan 16 9:12am
        folks remaining in the US illegally and even benefit from it probably wasn't INTENDED to encourage others to follow illegally. But is a very predictable consequence of such policies.
        • "Predictable"greenman, Wed Jan 16 4:01pm
          ...depending on your ideology, I'd say.
          • it is a poor ideology... It is human nature to observe those who went ahead of you and use the tools and techniques that worked for them. To expect otherwise is foolish.
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