It sure is serious business. My daughters were serious
Tue Jan 15, 2019 11:19pm

gymnasts for many years. They understood from the beginning that they were never going to be Olympians.

First of all, what it takes to get there is beyond belief and requires a devotion to just that one thing that I'd never have allowed them to do. Olympic gymnasts work so damned hard and they have virtually NO other life but their gymnastics and some time out for school. Second of all, it is a cutthroat sport at Olympian levels and the tiniest mistake can cost someone not only a medal but their physical health and well being.

IMHO, once gymnastics isn't FUN anymore, it's time to STOP. I'm so glad for her that she found her joy again after leaving the Olympic dream behind.

Now that I've watched her video, WOW !! I know how many hours of practice it takes to accomplish those moves ... and I absolutely loved seeing her joy !!

  • Gymnastics at the highest levels is serious business: A minor stumble can mean losing a medal, and stepping out of bounds could keep you off the team entirely. At a college... more
    • It sure is serious business. My daughters were serious — Sia☺giah, Tue Jan 15 11:19pm
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