while I might qualify to move to canada
Wed Jan 16, 2019 8:20am

if I got my father's paperwork, they would not allow my husband due to his health. Then there's money. If I had money we could go anywhere (Kyoto, Oz... who knows). There are days I really hate my frameworks

  • Trump's almost parody-ish administration has been more of a finishing touch, a coupe de gras. I think I've been done with this nation/culture for a while now, and have pretty much given up on it. I... more
    • I Think We Could Do Better...Amadeus, Wed Jan 16 2:13pm
      ...than the Founders, if we were to start over and create a new Constitution. Not "we" as in all Americans. But I think that there is a subset of us that could do it. We have a slavish devotion to... more
    • while I might qualify to move to canada — Trish, Wed Jan 16 8:20am
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