To me there are a number of potential solutions...
Wed Jan 16, 2019 2:58pm

But they are all predicated on AVOIDING another generation of the same thing...

I would certainly say that anyone who has worked, has MARKETABLE job skills, clean criminal records, etc should receive consideration for residency and future citizenship.

I would put those who are applying for citizenship through the legal process AHEAD of anyone who did not.

That is the problem I have with programs to amnesty illegals. It took us close to a DECADE to get the sister of my aunt into the US from Poland. Should someone whose parents snuck them into the country illegally get priority over someone doing it legally?

  • perhaps the solution for dreamersTrish, Wed Jan 16 1:19pm
    or anyone we might consider grandfathering into citizenship is showing their value: have they been working? paying taxes? what are their skills? are they in parts of the work sector desperately in... more
    • To me there are a number of potential solutions... — Sprout, Wed Jan 16 2:58pm
      • absolutely put them intoTrish, Thu Jan 17 8:19am
        a suitable waiting cue this happened to a friend of mine. It cost her well over 20,000 and 10 years to get her husband (father of three kids) here legally. that is simply not right. Those were legal... more
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