It did me, too
Wed Jan 16, 2019 7:52pm

...although I suppose it was a case of her allies (nearly all Tories and DUP) not wanting to go all the way with their opposition to her. Fascinating how this happened and how it's playing out - easier, I suppose, when you're looking at it from abroad. As is the Trump phenomenon, I'm sure...:)

  • But survived today's no confidence vote.Poppet, Wed Jan 16 5:04pm
    And that surprised me...
    • It did me, too — greenman, Wed Jan 16 7:52pm
      • Nobody Is Brave Enough To Pick Up The Ball...Amadeus, Wed Jan 16 9:26pm
        ...and own it. I still think the only sane way forward is another referendum that specifically lays out that the two choices are staying in the EU and crashing out without a deal. Amadeus
        • Own the ball! lolgreenman, Thu Jan 17 10:57am
          But seriously, they're all now (on the opposition) saying they want 'no deal' off the table, apparently trying to avoid just that sort of choice. But when you can't come up with a BETTER choice,... more
          • I Understand May's Position...Amadeus, Thu Jan 17 11:30am
            She is looking out, incredulously, at these MPs and saying, "Do you really not understand that there is no negotiating? The EU has all the power. We agreed to this when we signed on. We can't demand... more
            • I knowgreenman, Thu Jan 17 11:57am
              She's not even a Brexiteer, if I understand correctly, but is determined to implement what she thought was the 'will of the people.' And yet her own party can't even get behind her, and the nation's... more
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