It doesn't. It's simply the RIGHT thing to do.
Wed Jan 16, 2019 10:33pm

Imagine suddenly being told that you don't belong here in the USA because, when you were too young to know much of anything, your parents took you here, raising you as an American. Your earliest memories are of America. Your entire life has been as an American. You grew up here, attended school here, pledged allegiance to this flag, worshipped in American churches, nearly all of your friends are Americans. You home is here, your job is here, your LIFE is here -- in America. Now imagine that you have a matter of days to pack up to be thrown out and forced to return to a land you know nothing of and have NO ties to That is INHUMAN and UNCONSCIONABLE !!

Is that the RIGHT thing to do to others who, through no fault of their own, are essentially in those shoes ??

Of course not !! They are, in all ways but birth, Americans. This IS their home. This IS where they come from, where everything and everyone they've ever known is.

Their parents are different. They have NO right to be here. Whether they should or should not be allowed to remain is a whole nuther story that needs to be hashed out too. But their innocent children are victims of circumstances and it would be "inhuman" to force them to leave the only country they've ever known because of what their parents did so long ago.

Dreamers should have the CHOICE of staying or leaving with their families. They should NOT be used as pawns as if they aren't human beings who are being treated like slaves who have zero control over their lives once were.

    • It doesn't. It's simply the RIGHT thing to do. — Sia☺giah, Wed Jan 16 10:33pm
    • perhaps the solution for dreamersTrish, Wed Jan 16 1:19pm
      or anyone we might consider grandfathering into citizenship is showing their value: have they been working? paying taxes? what are their skills? are they in parts of the work sector desperately in... more
      • But they are all predicated on AVOIDING another generation of the same thing... I would certainly say that anyone who has worked, has MARKETABLE job skills, clean criminal records, etc should receive ... more
        • absolutely put them intoTrish, Thu Jan 17 8:19am
          a suitable waiting cue this happened to a friend of mine. It cost her well over 20,000 and 10 years to get her husband (father of three kids) here legally. that is simply not right. Those were legal... more
    • Is leaving their status uncertain increasing it?HeavyHemi, Mon Jan 14 4:32pm
      You obviously have some argument already formulated in your head or you would not have asked the question, right?
      • Does it decrease it?Sprout, Mon Jan 14 11:49pm
        I would say DACA, whether continued or cancelled has little to nothing to do with border security outside of one consideration. Amnesty of ANY kind encourages repetition.
        • Well, that's the Conservative claimgreenman, Tue Jan 15 11:48am
          ...and I suppose it saves them from worrying about the consequences of their actions in arresting and deporting long-time "illegal" residents of this country, especially children who grew up here and ... more
          • Amnesty does NOT encourage repetition? (nm)Sprout, Tue Jan 15 2:47pm
            • Does it?greenman, Tue Jan 15 3:10pm
              How about you prove it, if you think it does? I've seen no evidence that it has much of an effect at all. At worst illegal immigration returns to previous levels after a short period of decline.
            • These DACA folks are repeat offenders? What?HeavyHemi, Tue Jan 15 3:07pm
              Are you sure you're not suffering from amnesia?
              • Others.... think about it. (nm)Sprout, Tue Jan 15 3:44pm
                • it is always about riling up fears of others, of color. I would not be surprised that you see all forms of affirmative action as inherently racist.
                  • One criminal suffering no consequencesSprout, Wed Jan 16 9:15am
                    and in fact gaining a benefit for his/her crime encourages OTHER criminals. I agree that I do consider criminals to be "others"...
                    • You consider non-whites as others too.
                      • That is fascinating...Sprout, Wed Jan 16 2:24pm
                        That you seem to feel that all sorts of crime is being inspired by Trump's activities... But you seen unable to expand that concept beyond just one person... Interesting. I consider all criminals to... more
                        • It's difficult to quantifygreenman, Wed Jan 16 4:14pm
                          ..aand I know you only accept hard data. Nevertheless, there's a very real connection between the hatred, racism, and xenophobia pushed by Trump and actual crime and confrontation in America. He has... more
                          • Great....Sprout, Wed Jan 16 5:29pm
                            So, you can see that criminals are emboldened by one criminal... Why can't you see that future criminal border crossers are emboldened by successful criminal border crossers ahead of them?
                            • I can see thatgreenman, Wed Jan 16 7:50pm
                              ...what YOU can't seem to see is that the vast majority of border-crossers are NOT criminals, but simply people looking for work and earnings to send hom. You and Trump and Republicans in general, it ... more
                              • Legal immigrants are simply peopleSprout, Thu Jan 17 9:33am
                                legally emigrating to a new nation for work and a better life. Those who cross the border ILLEGALLY are, by definition criminals... Now, I get that you may feel that it SHOULD NOT BE illegal to cross ... more
                                • I figured that was itgreenman, Thu Jan 17 10:44am
                                  I suppose it helps if you criminalize them first....smh
                                  • Criminals "criminalize" themselves when theySprout, Thu Jan 17 12:30pm
                                    commit crimes... I didn't criminalize illegal border crossing. I didn't make the laws that make it illegal to enter the country without permission. I guess you would say a homeowner "criminalizes" a... more
                                    • I know, that's what you saidgreenman, Thu Jan 17 2:54pm
                                      You need for immigrants and asylum-seekers to be 'criminals,' so you use the legal technicality to make them 'criminals.' This excuses all sorts of things, including separating families at the... more
                            • You admit that Trump enables racism and???HeavyHemi, Wed Jan 16 6:05pm
                        • Indeed, and the facts would say that is true given all the indictments etc...I think you went for clever, but actually ended up blowing off your entire foot. This was awful even by your low standards ... more
          • Americans. Being brought to America as toddlers and grade schoolers, then growing up AS Americans until suddenly the government says WHOA, what's this ?? You have to leave now and be returned to the... more
            • Agreedgreenman, Tue Jan 15 1:57pm
              I suppose this is why SES is obsessed with trivia about the length of the wall, because he knows nobody but Righties WANT a wall, and most people also WANT a route to citizenship for Dreamers. That... more
        • I blame Reagan and his pro amnesty stance.HeavyHemi, Tue Jan 15 12:11am
          But of course, you're just making noise because you do not want to address the criminal in the White House. You will eventually, and your meatshielding will not be forgotten, ever. What are your... more
    • I dunnogreenman, Mon Jan 14 4:29pm
      Where did I say that it did? I'm only saying it helps fix immigration problems, which neither party has done a whole lot to solve in the last couple of decades. If you look again, I said "That works... more
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