Legal immigrants are simply people
Thu Jan 17, 2019 9:33am

legally emigrating to a new nation for work and a better life.

Those who cross the border ILLEGALLY are, by definition criminals...

Now, I get that you may feel that it SHOULD NOT BE illegal to cross the border illegally, but until the law changes it IS illegal.

It is possible to look for work without breaking the law to do so.

  • I can see thatgreenman, Wed Jan 16 7:50pm
    ...what YOU can't seem to see is that the vast majority of border-crossers are NOT criminals, but simply people looking for work and earnings to send hom. You and Trump and Republicans in general, it ... more
    • Legal immigrants are simply people — Sprout, Thu Jan 17 9:33am
      • I figured that was itgreenman, Thu Jan 17 10:44am
        I suppose it helps if you criminalize them first....smh
        • Criminals "criminalize" themselves when theySprout, Thu Jan 17 12:30pm
          commit crimes... I didn't criminalize illegal border crossing. I didn't make the laws that make it illegal to enter the country without permission. I guess you would say a homeowner "criminalizes" a... more
          • I know, that's what you saidgreenman, Thu Jan 17 2:54pm
            You need for immigrants and asylum-seekers to be 'criminals,' so you use the legal technicality to make them 'criminals.' This excuses all sorts of things, including separating families at the... more
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