I Understand May's Position...
Thu Jan 17, 2019 11:30am (XFF:

She is looking out, incredulously, at these MPs and saying, "Do you really not understand that there is no negotiating? The EU has all the power. We agreed to this when we signed on. We can't demand better terms. We're lucky they agreed to what they agreed to. Nobody is going to get you any better deal than what is already on the table. Yes, I know this isn't what you've been promising people. That's your own stupidity at fault. Letting us exit without a deal will be a huge mistake. Is your ego worth that? Is your political career worth that?"

The MPs are looking back and saying, "So, can we just renegotiate parts of this deal, then?"


  • Own the ball! lolgreenman, Thu Jan 17 10:57am
    But seriously, they're all now (on the opposition) saying they want 'no deal' off the table, apparently trying to avoid just that sort of choice. But when you can't come up with a BETTER choice,... more
    • I Understand May's Position... — Amadeus, Thu Jan 17 11:30am
      • I knowgreenman, Thu Jan 17 11:57am
        She's not even a Brexiteer, if I understand correctly, but is determined to implement what she thought was the 'will of the people.' And yet her own party can't even get behind her, and the nation's... more
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