I know
Thu Jan 17, 2019 11:57am

She's not even a Brexiteer, if I understand correctly, but is determined to implement what she thought was the 'will of the people.' And yet her own party can't even get behind her, and the nation's in turmoil, and it's all come down to about 2 months now. I'm sympathetic, really. She's getting all the blame for what was basically Cameron's initial screw-up.

  • I Understand May's Position...Amadeus, Thu Jan 17 11:30am
    She is looking out, incredulously, at these MPs and saying, "Do you really not understand that there is no negotiating? The EU has all the power. We agreed to this when we signed on. We can't demand... more
    • I know — greenman, Thu Jan 17 11:57am
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