Thu Jan 17, 2019 8:12pm

That's cute.

  • Trump wasn't electedgreenman, Thu Jan 17 6:46pm
    • How the FBI helps Donald Trump kat sung, Mon Feb 4 8:02pm
      942. How the FBI helps Donald Trump (1/11/2017) Trump is the candidate of the FBI. He from the beginning knew the secret deal of email hacking between the FBI and Russian secret police. Though Trump... more
    • The Election Has Already Been Decidedkat sung, Mon Jan 28 6:46pm
      927. A thief crying "Stop thief"(10/25/2016) Donald Trump said the election is rigged. He knew it because he is a member of that rigging group. Yes, the US is a corrupt country. The election is not... more
    • That's a coup in 2016 president electionkatsung47, Mon Jan 21 7:30pm
      Trump has no ability to control US media and government, FBI does.Putin has no ability to control US government, they only did their part of secret deal - to help Trump in 2016 president election.... more
    • **chuckle** — Sia☺giah, Thu Jan 17 8:12pm
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