No offense
Mon Jan 21, 2019 8:15pm

...but is everything a secret plot as far as you're concerned?

  • Retreat from Syria is a secret dealkatsung47, Mon Jan 14 6:32pm
    Trump had a secret deal with Putin. That is Russia helps him in president election, if he wins, Syria will be given to Russia as a payment. Here is what I wrote one years ago, one year after Trump... more
    • No offense — greenman, Mon Jan 21 8:15pm
      • So far it iskat sung, Mon Jan 28 7:48pm
        Otherwise how do you explain it? Saudi king signs lucrative deals on landmark Russia visit 5 October 2017 Reports say the deals range from an arms deal worth $3bn (2.3bn) to a $1bn energy investment ... more
      • of them. **chuckle**
        • I seegreenman, Tue Jan 22 12:07pm
          Well, secret plots are long as you don't start to substitute them for reality...:)
    • Secret deal behind Russian's email hacking katsung47, Mon Jan 21 7:34pm
      971. Secret deal behind Russian's email hacking (7/22/2017) Trump called Russians to hack Clinton's emails. He says now he didn't know Russians hacking deal. What was his base to call Russian to hack ... more
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