Certainly if they feel it is only about themselves, you are
Fri Jan 25, 2019 2:49pm


Of course, they were elected to act on behalf of their constituents, not just themselves.

Their JOB is to compromise. But it is not surprising that they put their own personal desires ahead of their jobs.

  • Obviously, As I Explained Not Trump Nor Pelosi Nor Schumer Can Compromise On Certain Issues - Merlin, Fri Jan 25 2:29pm
    without catastrophic results for them. Fascinating to watch history in the making in real time and up close and personal.
    • Certainly if they feel it is only about themselves, you are — Sprout, Fri Jan 25 2:49pm
      • If by "they" you mean Trump and McConnell, suregreenman, Fri Jan 25 3:02pm
        Democrats simply refuse to let the executive hold the government hostage, thereby extorting legislative action favored by his party. It's obvious who's in the wrong here.
        • that he believes the President is operating 100% in good faith and will hold up his end of the bargain...you know...100%. I mean some of the Clinton defenders were silly, he lied...probably would... more
          • Agreed (nm)greenman, Sat Jan 26 7:29pm
          • I guess if you call compromise extortion....Sprout **, Fri Jan 25 4:59pm
            I suggest that NONE are operating 100% in good faith. ALL are acting like spoiled children... Now, if you "REMOVED BY MODERATOR" you might figure it out.
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