Of course he's still making noise about the wall and his
Fri Jan 25, 2019 9:41pm

"emergency powers" that most say he CANNOT use to do it. He has to save face. Now he'll stop talking about the wall and hope everyone forgets about it between now that then (as if that would EVER happen)

  • Looks like he backed down, after allgreenman, Fri Jan 25 3:00pm
    Latest has him agreeing to a three-week opening of government and further negotiations on his precious 'wall.' Pelosi has beaten him more
    • Of course he's still making noise about the wall and his — Sia☺giah, Fri Jan 25 9:41pm
      • Of coursegreenman, Sat Jan 26 8:05pm
        ..making noise is what he does, after all...:)
        • his utter humiliation and the ridiculing reaction to his "cave". He should have known all along that Pelosi was NOT going to give in and that he really had NO leverage, so WHY did he wait so long? I... more
          • 'Art of the Deal,' indeedgreenman, Mon Jan 28 2:59pm
            As a deal maker, he's a colossal flop.
            • conclusion is that he's a MORON without the slightest clue how to make deals. He cheats, lies, and fumbles his way through life and business, letting others take the fall when he screws it all up.... more
              • And that's bad enoughgreenman, Mon Jan 28 3:32pm
                ...when you're talking an area he knows a LITTLE about, real estate. It's sooo much worse when talking about something he knows almost nothing about, being President. You're read dozens of books... more
          • Support for the lowered approval pollsSia☺giah, Sun Jan 27 2:23am
   There are dozens more, but this one is where the specific % came from. Others show lower as well as higher %
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