If you have a complaint SEND it via EMAIL.
Sat Jan 26, 2019 1:02pm

Complaints and insults about the forum are NOT ALLOWED** on the board itself. Take it offline and you'll be heard.

Besides, you've failed to notice the name-calling TARGETING you that were removed along with yours to others. We stopped noting it in the subject line and now only do so within the post and ** beside the author. I don't sit here all day just waiting for someone to call someone else names. I have better things to do than babysit misbehaving posters.

When I see it, I remove it.

I was busy ALL DAY YESTERDAY with taking care of my granddaughter, Evelyn. Your "widdle feelings" were hardly my priority.

So, why don't you go back to see what you apparently saw EARLIER to see if it's still there? I am quite sure that most are not, because what I saw, I removed !! If some were missed, well, YOU KNOW THE DRILL -- TELL US !!! or STFU.

Plus, we mods all work as a TEAM, I am NOT "the boss", just the "public face", which allows other mods to remain anonymous, same as it's always been moderated here. Fact is, I was outvoted on the "deletion rule". It wasn't even my idea, but we work as a TEAM and all have equal say in policies and moderation here - The majority rules !! I didn't want to do it because, from previous experience, I already know that people will constantly whine about their own nastiness being removed, but always seem to want other people to be censored. It's a PITA and a huge waste of my time when someone chooses to call other people names because then I have to remove it and listen to their complaints when EVERYONE already knows it's not allowed, yet some, including you, constantly do it anyway.

But, regardless of what you appear to want, we are NOT going to get into trying to decide if comments about poster's OPINIONS or BEHAVIOR are valid or fair. It is what it is, an ADULT DISCUSSION BOARD where posters can share their views, criticize other viewpoints as much as they please, but count on PERSONAL attacks (name-calling), personal threats, or personal exposure of real life details NOT being allowed. Everyone is entitled to be treated with at least that modicum of respect for their humanity. As long as the negatives are limited to criticizing behaviors a/o opinions, we don't care, those are fair game, so deal with it. It is ONLY NAME-CALLING that is removed because it's totally unnecessary to attack people personally !! Now, GROW THE F*** UP. This is NOT second grade playground time.

As for Donatello, HOW DARE YOU say such a thing ?? The crying shame in him being dead is his loss to his friends and especially his family !! He was a wonderful man with much to live for. Besides, you haven't a CLUE how he felt about such things, having NEVER dealt with him personally...


** Now DON'T be WHINING on the board again over being censored when you KNOW THE RULES. You got an answer on board ONLY because it served my purpose to let EVERYONE know the drill.... ONCE.... Next time it happens, it will be deleted and ignored unless a specific question is sent privately, via email as requested or a POLITE REQUEST to mods for something to be removed is posted underneath an offensive post.

  • Nope...Sprout, Sat Jan 26 11:43am
    He refused to sign NOTHING... There was NO BILL SENT TO HIM... He cannot refuse to sign something that he cannot sign. And below I note your continued bias in picking and choosing which posts are... more
    • It's a crying shamegreenman, Sat Jan 26 7:28pm
      ...that you're here and he's not, if that's what you mean.
    • Obviously this is a willful and intentional effort to post the most offensive and immature thing you could think of just to annoy. Like SES you're trying to get banned so you can play victim. Grow... more
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