Why do you insist upon insulting people's intelligence all
Sun Jan 27, 2019 9:58pm

the time ??? Explaining what grade schoolers know as if it is some great, new revelation no one here ever heard of ???

Seriously, do you honestly believe that you must always explain such obvious things to us ??? It is insulting to the max and certainly does not put others in a mood to want to indulge you by responding positively...

What YOU don't seem to understand is that it wasn't a normal, adult disagreement over policy where compromise was what was needed to get something done. It was a heavy handed attempt on his side at blackmailing them by hurting hundreds of thousands of people to get EVERYTHING he wanted. So, you claiming that "Dems should willingly compromise in giving tRUMP some concessions so as to end the shutdown" when that is the equivalent of asking them to eat SOME OF THE POISON that he insists is needed (even though he was demanding it ALL, NO compromise!!) so that they can get exactly what? The government open again when it should never have been shut down in the first place? Limited protections for Dreamers and Haitians back that were taken arbitrarily BY tRUMP, but -- not back for good, only given back for a little while and worst of all, effectively telling him that holding the government for ransom WORKS ??

The answer is NO... End of that story. WHY encourage him to keep doing what he just did ??

If you had children, you'd better understand what's wrong with that picture. If a child pitches a fit and declares that they are going to hold their breath and pinch the dog mercilessly until you give them what they want, the LAST THING THAT YOU DO is give them what they want... That is, unless you WANT to keep doing the same things all the time.

Instead, you pick up the dog, then walk away and leave the room, giving them NOTHING whatsoever for their trouble. Your parting words being that they can finish their fit all alone and to come talk to Mom or Dad when they are ready to behave better.

Pretty much exactly what Nancy Pelosi did to him.

  • That's not what I wrote...Sprout, Sun Jan 27 6:57am
    The choices are broad. A COMPROMISE choice is SOMEWHERE between what you want, once you decide what that is, and what the other person wants, once you figure out what that is.
    • Point isgreenman, Mon Jan 28 3:01pm said this: "Do you believe that there should be NO physical barriers whatsoever on the border? Do you believe we should never improve, or even potentially take down any border structures we DO ... more
    • Why do you insist upon insulting people's intelligence all — Sia☺giah, Sun Jan 27 9:58pm
    • Your post was a list of YES or NO absurdities.HeavyHemi, Sun Jan 27 12:58pm
      Your post here is more like a correction to your obvious mistakes. Obviously someone reading this: Do you believe that there should be NO physical barriers whatsoever on the border? Do you believe we ... more
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