Mitch McConnell decided not to allow it to come up for
Sun Jan 27, 2019 10:38pm

another vote after it died the first time because of Ann C & Rush L telling tRUMP NOT to sign it --- McConnell did that because he said he wouldn't allow a vote on ANYTHING THAT tRUMP WOULDN'T SIGN in spite of the House Dems repeatedly passing reasonable bills for the Senate to consider. NONE were considered because McConnell wouldn't allow it, in spite of having a VETO-PROOF majority who'd already agreed to it in BOTH HOUSES !!

IOW, it was IMPOSSIBLE for the DEM controlled House to do ANYTHING, never mind offer ANY kind of compromise given that tRUMP declared repeatedly that it was ALL or NOTHING and he'd ALREADY refused even consider the FIRST compromise offer of $1.5 Billion...

So the dishonesty is on YOUR PART by refusing to acknowledge that the DEMs did everything possible to get a deal done but tRUMP and McConnell wouldn't accept anything less than EVERYTHING.

The "THEY" who CHOSE NOT TO is tRUMP and McConnell, NOT THE DEMs

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