Except that he DIDN'T offer the slightest compromise until
Mon Jan 28, 2019 3:55pm

he saw that HE was getting pummeled in the press and blamed by upwards of 60% of Americans for the whole damned thing.

A week before the shutdown ended, he offered TEMPORARY protection for Dreamers and TPS Haitians, plus to reopen the government IF DEMs gave him the ENTIRE amount that he demanded $5.7 BILLION for this wall.

THEN, the NIGHT before he caved in, he again offered TEMPORARY protections for Dreams & TPS and to reopen the government in exchange for a large down payment for the wall. DEMs refused to negotiate with him BECAUSE HE'D SIMPLY USE REPEATED SHUTDOWNS OVER and OVER and OVER AGAIN to get what he wanted --- IOW, blackmail them forever. That's a NON-STARTER for GOOD REASON.

THAT IS HARDLY COMPROMISE... It is BLATANT BLACKMAIL by offering BACK stuff TAKEN by him in exchange for him getting what he wants... HOW is that a compromise when someone TAKE something from you and then offers SOME of back if you'll give them something else they want ??

... So WHO is misrepresenting this situation ?? NOT US.

  • Accusing the other side of being unwilling toSprout, Mon Jan 28 2:36pm
    compromise when the other side specifically offered a compromise while at the same time your own side went from zero to zero not moving an inch off their starting point.
    • Except that he DIDN'T offer the slightest compromise until — Sia☺giah, Mon Jan 28 3:55pm
    • That isn't what happened. HeavyHemi, Mon Jan 28 2:45pm
      You're repeating the same argument that you know and we know is false. What is that?
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