Yes, QUESTIONS not claims regarding your position...
Mon Jan 28, 2019 4:34pm

QUESTIONS meant so that you can determine what you ACTUALLY want. Do you want SOME more barrier construction. Do you want NO more barrier construction. Do you want SOME barrier demolition. Do you want TOTAL barrier demolition.

In order for you to determine what is a compromise between your position and someone else position first you must determine what your position actually IS. Not just that you don't like the other guys' position.

THEN you need to determine what the other guys ACTUAL position is. Not just what the media says it is.

THEN you can determine what a compromise position would be.

All him right? Hint: The POTUS is not CAPABLE of shutting down the gov't BY HIMSELF unless CONGRESS fails to send him a spending bill. The ONLY way he can POSSIBLY shut down the gov't BY HIMSELF is if Congress sends him a bill and he REFUSES to pass it.

In this case, NO BILL was sent to him.

EVERYONE favors "sensible" border security. There just is a difference of opinion as to what "sensible" is.

  • Point isgreenman, Mon Jan 28 3:01pm
    ...you said this: "Do you believe that there should be NO physical barriers whatsoever on the border? Do you believe we should never improve, or even potentially take down any border structures we DO ... more
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