kat sung
The Election Has Already Been Decided
Mon Jan 28, 2019 6:46pm

927. A thief crying "Stop thief"(10/25/2016)

Donald Trump said the election is rigged. He knew it because he is a member of that rigging group. Yes, the US is a corrupt country. The election is not out of voters' selection. It depends on who counts the ballot.
The tactic the rigger used in US is to divide the voting area into two colors - red and blue. They say most states are deep blue or deep red, the voting result are used to remain unchangable. So the election depends just on several swing states. In another word, it gives convenience to the riggers. Who controls several vote counting offices can control the result of election. Of course, include the control of high ranking officials of the state who can decide on re-counting.

Who has the ability to control those government offices and politicians? The FBI.

[quote]The Election Has Already Been Decided


People get very emotional about major elections, particularly when it comes to how elections impact their money. Yet the scary reality of our modern political system is, your vote doesn’t matter when it comes to who’s really in power. While there are many systemic problems in banking, taxation, trade and monetary policy, none of these systemic problems changes in any meaningfully way by who controls the House, Senate or Presidency.

Regardless of changes in party power, politicians don’t hold the REAL power in Washington. No, the sad fact is, the election has already been decided. And the winner is the banking industry, at the command of the Fed. The Republicans & Democrats have done nothing in a generation to stop the Fed & banking industry from launching us off the fiscal cliff. And neither will Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.[/quote]


The winner of this rigged election will be Donald Trump. I predict. Even new ABC News/Washington Post poll shows Clinton with a 12-point lead over Trump among likely-voters. According to the most recent CNN Poll of Polls, which averages the results from the four most recent publicly released national polls, Clinton leads Trump by 8-points among likely voters.(Yahoo news)

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    • The Election Has Already Been Decided — kat sung, Mon Jan 28 6:46pm
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    • **chuckle**Sia☺giah, Thu Jan 17 8:12pm
      That's cute.
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