Are the words "Congress" and "GOP" synonyms?
Tue Jan 29, 2019 8:39am

No, they are not.

CONGRESS could have sent him a bill. CONGRESS is not limited to just the Democrats OR the Republicans.

Well if you feel the lessons are insulting, then quit ignoring the simplest of concepts.

  • democrats ??? What a load of HORSE POO. It is not worth the bother to try to discuss this with folks who choose dishonesty and insulting "lessons" that NO ONE HERE NEEDS. We've all said the shutdown... more
    • Are the words "Congress" and "GOP" synonyms? — Sprout, Tue Jan 29 8:39am
      • Oh, pleasegreenman, Wed Jan 30 8:56am
        ...for the last two years they've been synonymous, yes. Republicans have controlled Congress up until a few weeks ago. Do you dispute that? And where was the Wall, where was immigration reform, where ... more
      • ridiculous and grossly simplistic attempts to claim to know what you're talking about.
      • and could have passed the funding for that period of time, they were synonymous. That you needed such a simple fact pointed out again along with your immature snide taunting. Do you 'feel' you're... more
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