How long is America going to stay there ?? (nm)
Tue Jan 29, 2019 9:15pm

  • The colossal waste of the war in AfghanistanSia☺giah, Tue Jan 29 6:52pm
    Sia: As a country, we are in rough shape. Warning, this is an extremely depressing piece on what's going on in Afghanistan. The... more
    • And Walther's a Conservative, toogreenman, Wed Jan 30 8:58am
      I was ready to get out of that mess in about 2002-2003. Cannot for the life of me fathom why we're still there, and consider it one of Obama's biggest failures that he did not get us out of... more
    • I hate when this happens to me.HeavyHemi, Tue Jan 29 10:06pm
      I read the name of the author and spend about a half hour reading on Of course, it has nothing to with the topic or the tricks your mind plays on you. But if it gives you a chuckle... As far as the... more
      • reading The Week as he's a regular contributor and his name always provoked the same image. LOL Yes, I agree, if they'd STAYED and FINISHED the job, we might have left there a long time ago.
        • I like The Weekgreenman, Wed Jan 30 9:00am
          I get the magazine, being an old-fashioned print guy, but I see it online, too. They really try to give a balanced view of a lot of opinions - although in recent years the opinions of the... more
    • How long is America going to stay there ?? (nm) — Sia☺giah, Tue Jan 29 9:15pm
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