I hate when this happens to me.
Tue Jan 29, 2019 10:06pm

I read the name of the author and spend about a half hour reading on

Of course, it has nothing to with the topic or the tricks your mind plays on you. But if it gives you a chuckle...
As far as the topic, where the failure occurred IMO, was that period of time when we had nearly eradicated the entire opium production of the region and the funding of the Taliban and various groups. When that effort was stopped and the resources dedicated to Bush's Iraq folly, the crops and the revenue quickly returned. After all, they grow fast and with no OSHA requirements.... I think we should eradicate opium production again as step one.

  • The colossal waste of the war in AfghanistanSia☺giah, Tue Jan 29 6:52pm
    Sia: As a country, we are in rough shape. Warning, this is an extremely depressing piece on what's going on in Afghanistan. https://theweek.com/articles/820275/colossal-waste-war-afghanistan The... more
    • And Walther's a Conservative, toogreenman, Wed Jan 30 8:58am
      I was ready to get out of that mess in about 2002-2003. Cannot for the life of me fathom why we're still there, and consider it one of Obama's biggest failures that he did not get us out of... more
    • I hate when this happens to me. — HeavyHemi, Tue Jan 29 10:06pm
      • reading The Week as he's a regular contributor and his name always provoked the same image. LOL Yes, I agree, if they'd STAYED and FINISHED the job, we might have left there a long time ago.
        • I like The Weekgreenman, Wed Jan 30 9:00am
          I get the magazine, being an old-fashioned print guy, but I see it online, too. They really try to give a balanced view of a lot of opinions - although in recent years the opinions of the... more
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