Alright, I'll bite
Wed Jan 30, 2019 8:54am

I think some barrier construction in some areas might be appropriate, sure. I favor actual border security.

What I DON'T favor is using 'border security' as a dog-whistle for Hispanic-hating GOP racists in order to get yourself elected President.

What I DON'T favor is wasting billions on 'border security' and shutting down government if you don't get your way.

What I DON'T favor is ignoring broad immigration reform in order to concentrate on an obsession with keeping brown people out of the country.

And as far as shutting government down, I'm aware Trump has had allies in that effort, principally Mitch McConnell.

As to Trump's position, I'll be clear on it when he can take a damned position and stick with it, instead of waffling all over the place. He spoke for MONTHS in the runup to the election of 'Build the WALL! Mexico will pay for it!' And that's just nonsense tailored to yokels.

Hope that clears things up a bit for you, Sprout...

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