Michael Steele has been saying this all along...
Wed Jan 30, 2019 8:26pm

Maybe it is more disinterest and my impression they are trying to distance themselves from Trump like Trump does from his associates.

  • about tRUMP ??
    • What shocks me, BenjySJW, Thu Jan 31 10:37am
      is that they haven't all been institutionalized.
      • Was this supposed to be to SES ?? (nm)Sia☺giah, Thu Jan 31 10:39pm
        • Yes, it was.SJW, Fri Feb 1 11:34am
          Don't know how the Hell that happened. I'd swear I looked once and it was where it should be. I still think you have a junior board monitor who consider it life's goal to play nursemaid to Benjy.
    • ...don't agree with everything he says and does? Why does that still shock you? Haven't you been told enough times that supporters of the President don't agree with everything he says and does? How... more
      • Not sure where my post wentgreenman, Fri Feb 1 3:21pm
        ...but Trumpers do indeed agree with most everything he says AND does, to the point of idiocy. As he himself noted, he could shoot someone in the middle of NYC and his supporters would still be there ... more
        • Spot on. Sia☺giah, Fri Feb 1 4:51pm
          I don't know where it went either ?? I didn't remove it.
      • Uhh, actually, they most certainly DON'T support himSia☺giah, Thu Jan 31 10:41pm
        and you'd know that IF you ever bothered to read what's posted first. Seems like that's a tRUMPian epidemic around these here parts
      • Supporters only in the sense that Trump was elected and they and we are stuck with him so let's make the best of it. Defend him when he is in the right, criticize him when he is wrong. There are but... more
    • Michael Steele has been saying this all along... — HeavyHemi, Wed Jan 30 8:26pm
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