He's NOT ?? Of course he is. Everything else you've said
Thu Jan 31, 2019 11:41pm

is true though.

He often makes things up, seemingly out of thin air. Sometimes he gets his "information" from movies or random thoughts that "sound good" to him in the moment. Whatever he last heard is what he typically embraces.

Aides and others who've spent considerable time with or around him have universally said that his attention span is a mere 10 - 25 seconds, unless it's about him. He drifts off in meetings and briefings, not listening to anything that doesn't interest him, no matter how important it is. Plus, once he's made up his mind about something, regardless of having NO facts supporting it, then he simply won't hear anything else. He goes ballistic if contradicted.

Even worse, he lives only in the moment. Whatever he wants RIGHT NOW is all that interests him. There's no past nor future that is of the slightest concern to him. For someone who is a pathological liar with a tremendous volume of experience, he's still a TERRIBLE liar because he constantly contradicts himself as if video doesn't exist.

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