From my experience with the
Fri Feb 1, 2019 10:54am

post coup, pre-elections and post-elections politics in Haiti, I would not set the bar high... It only leads to disappointment.

In the third world is it normal for almost every politician to run on the platform of cleaning up corruption and fixing all of the ills of the nation...

But I think that the harsh truth is that MOST of them are just as corrupt as the one they propose to replace. I don't think one CAN run for high office in places like that WITHOUT being corrupt to a significant degree. And the same applies to a degree in the US. I don't think there are any folks running for POTUS in the US who aren't significantly corrupted by a political career.

And I think it is normal for folks trying to GET the job to make lots of great claims for what they want and even intend to do with that office... but often what they SAY during the run up to holding office, and what happens when they are actually IN office and actually dealing with the harsh realities of the job often differ greatly...

IMO it will take some HUGE changes to reverse the path Venezuela is on. A complete reversal of the drive to nationalize and centrally control their economy is going to be necessary. This is because they simply don't have the resources internally to do all that needs doing. They are going to NEED large amounts of foreign investment. And unless those investors see PROFIT, they will not take part.

  • So, Venezuelagreenman, Thu Jan 31 6:00pm
    I hope by now everyone accepts that Maduro is an incompetent dictator, but what do you think of this Guaido? He's got a new plan for the country, sound reasonable?... more
    • From my experience with the — Sprout, Fri Feb 1 10:54am
      • Inclined to agreegreenman, Fri Feb 1 3:19pm
        I hope for the best for them, because Chavez was bad and Maduro worse, but indeed they have a long way to go. This kind of so-called "Socialism," really Cuban-style Communism, just doesn't work and... more
      • "In the third world"HeavyHemi, Fri Feb 1 12:41pm
        Haiti and Venezuela are not analogs. One has vast misused wealth while the other, has none. Why you're arguing Venezuela needs MONEY when their issue is the MISUSE of of it... I'll let you do some... more
    • I'm Worried...Amadeus, Fri Feb 1 12:48am
      Guaido is apparently pretty right wing. His big selling point is that at this time of crisis, he has united all the voices of opposition and represents them all. This is what is different about this... more
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