And as a result of thier misuse of their money
Fri Feb 1, 2019 1:14pm

they don't have much of it left... and thus they will NEED money invested in petroleum infrastructure and exploration. They will NEED investment in other arenas as well if they want to develop other sources of revenue.

So, EVEN IF they stop misusing their money, they are STILL going to need foreign investment.

Haiti had, and has the same problem. Standard corruption and misuse of what money they do have, and an inability to draw in foreign revenue.

Now certainly Haiti has it HARDER in that even if they cleaned up their management issues, they don't have a whole lot to ATTRACT foreign investment.

Venezuela at least has oil to ATTRACT foreign investment, but until they stop systematically driving it AWAY, they are going to remain where they are financially.


  • "In the third world"HeavyHemi, Fri Feb 1 12:41pm
    Haiti and Venezuela are not analogs. One has vast misused wealth while the other, has none. Why you're arguing Venezuela needs MONEY when their issue is the MISUSE of of it... I'll let you do some... more
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