Tend to agree
Fri Feb 1, 2019 3:16pm

But look how badly the GOP has declined in just a couple of election cycles...they ran Palin as VP and torpedoed McCain's chances of winning, then found someone WORSE, Trump, to run for President - and win! I suppose it could be they'd figured out that the voters' IQ had declined badly over that time, but it's still appalling...

  • Yes, Palin was passively...HeavyHemi, Thu Jan 31 11:37pm
    ignorant and not maliciously stupid as Trump is.
    • Tend to agree — greenman, Fri Feb 1 3:16pm
      • Just not as appealing to slightly more than half. However, Palin absolutely began the downfall of the GOP with the rise of the Tea Party, where the more level headed of the GOP all lost their way... more
        • Agreed, it happened in stagesgreenman, Sun Feb 3 4:57pm
          Back in the '60s, when I was growing up, wasn't much difference between them. Watergate seemed to enrage them, though, and as Dems turned left, Repubs turned right. First Reagan and the Religious... more
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